Kootenay Columbia Home Medical
Rental Program

Wheelchair rental, scooter rental and more

There are a number of reasons why purchasing home medical equipment could be an unnecessary expense. Perhaps you only need a temporary solution, you’re waiting for funding to come through or you’re are waiting for a repair on equipment you already own.

We understand that a temporary solution may be better than purchasing a product outright. Our rental items are in the same quality and durable condition as the new items we sell every day. To ensure your safety, we only rent new or gently used equipment that meets provincial and manufacturer standards for quality and reliability.

All our home medical rental equipment is subject to availability. Contact us today to enquire about equipment availability. Some of the items we regularly inventory include:


Walkers and canes rental

Walker rental

Rollator rental

Quad cane rental

Scooter rental

Portable travel scooter rental

Motorized scooter rental

Heavy-duty scooter rental

Bathroom safety equipment rental

Bedside commode rental

Shower commode rental

Bath stool rental

Transfer bench rental

Wheelchair rental

Manual wheelchair rental

Motorized wheelchair rental

Lift rental

Stairlift rental

Lift rental


Guide to getting care and support in the Kootenays

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